September 24, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando is the world’s largest marine-themed park, offering exhibits and live shows featuring dozens of species, from dolphins and manatees to the park’s signature “Shamu” orcas (more popularly known as killer whales).


Understanding your Visa, Passport and I-94 Card

It is a common for persons entering the United States on Visa to miscalculate the time allowable to stay in the United States before it is mandatory to return to their country of origin.

The most common example is a Visitor Visa. (B-2) In this case, a foreign national receives a new passport which has several years before it expires. The B-2 Visa is stamped in the Passport with an expiration date of (10) ten years. This means the person has (10) ten years in which to ENTER the United States. It does NOT mean the foreign national can stay in the United States for that length of time.

The I-94 Card determines the length of stay. This is a small card not more than 2” inches large, that is stapled into your passport. In some cases, there is no card and only the words handwritten or stamped “I-94” with a date. This date is the expiration date or the last day a person is legally permitted to be in the United States. The (10) ten-year visa usually has an I-94 Card that expires in (6) six months.

If a person stays past this I-94 date, they are considered “out of status” and are in the United States illegally. Any time period in illegal status can bar reentry for a person at later date.   This Bar to reentry can be from 1-10 years in duration.



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