What information will the officer have regarding your Visa?

Every document filed with the USCIS.

Most importantly written answers to questions asked at the Consulate in the foreign country

The attorney representing you does not have the information submitted to the consulate when you are interviewed at the USCIS.

At the interview, the officer will be asking the foreign national questions and comparing that information to his/her computer screen.

Any statement that conflicts with what the officer is reading on the computer will be examined closely.

A seemingly innocent misstatement made to the Consulate abroad can be deemed VISA FRAUD and grounds to be placed in deportation proceedings.

The moral of the story is there are no secrets with the USCIS and probably the worst mistake is to tell a lie.


The Tripodi Law Firm, P.A.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Orlando office. This office along with our Sarasota and Tampa offices will allow for complete coverage of the “I-4 Corridor” which best represents a cross section of Florida and the country as a whole.

Orlando has become one of the few international cities in the United States with nationalities from around the Globe and thus a need for diverse immigration services.

The Firm was created and staffed with seasoned professionals that are all descendants of Immigrants. Thus, each case receives personal attention that is necessitated by immigration matters. This team is composed of Attorneys, Paralegals and other personnel  speaking both English and Spanish along with interpreters of Arabic  German, Italian, Mandarin, Vietnamese available at a moment’s notice.

John J. Tripodi, Attorney at Law – was trained in the spirit of the famed “Philadelphia Lawyer” Alexander Hamilton at one of the Nation’s largest law firms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This opportunity allowed Attorney Tripodi to represent some of the United States largest Companies in highly complex billion dollar transactions. He was licensed by bar examination in the States of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Therefore, John can practice on States Issues in these jurisdictions but has no geographical limit with respect to Immigration cases and take action in all 50 States.  

Robert A. Flynn, Attorney at Law – completed his undergraduate studies at the prestigious school of University of California at Berkeley. He went to work as Criminal lawyer but soon included immigration matters. Mr. Flynn has tried more than (100) one-hundred cases in front of a Jury. Mr. Flynn’s international experiences allow him to be skilled in the translation of Spanish vocabularies. He has also performed services as a consultant and as federal translator concerning specialized legal documents. Robert is licensed to practice law in Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan and Texas.

Gary P. Benjamin – Operations Manager

Mr. Benjamin served the United States in many foreign lands and specialized in electronics. Gary received (3) three Army Commendations Medals. Mr. Benjamin has formed more than (17) seventeen successful businesses over the course of twenty years.

With Mr. Gary’s wealth of experience in the business environment and his extensiveworldwide traveling, he is an invaluable asset to the operation of our law firm and our Business Immigration Clients.

Immigration Law is our Passion

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world.

My grandparents immigrated to the United States from Italy in the 1920s and were extremely proud to call themselves Americans.

The entire Tripodi Law Firm staff are descendants of Immigrants, so we take your case personally and will guide you every step of the way with a sense of urgency and compassion. What makes this country special is that it was developed by immigrants. The policy of the first immigrants and those that arrive at our shores today is the same. All immigrants want a fair opportunity to make the best life possible for their families.

Without exception, history has showed the world that the beginning of the United States Constitution “We the people”, means the People successfully solve our problems with the result of Excellence and extend a helping hand to persons and other countries in need.

This land where our grandparents migrated is still the place of Immigrants where each person is permitted to define his or her American Dream. We consider it an Honor to assist you in this very important life improving process.

With a staff that has more than (80) eighty-years of combined real world experience in Immigration Law, Criminal Law and Business matters, we are qualified to handle the most challenging of cases on a worldwide basis at a fair cost to our clients. We are dedicated to being known as the fairest immigration attorneys in Florida. We take special local pride by offering law offices in Sarasota, Tampa and Orlando.